Perhaps the pinnacle of the players can hold a few championships, but history in the evaluation of a person, not only to see the championship number, but also to see his contribution to basketball, the contribution of the NBA. For example, Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady, they never have a championship life, but both selected Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, this is because they made an indelible contribution to basketball. Knight had completed two rounds of sweep, LeBron - James in the playoffs once again open the full Zhan mode, he has six consecutive games to get 30 + Mike Green Jersey, creating a playoff career 30 + consecutive record Mike Gartner Jersey, according to the strength of comparison , Regardless of the Green Army or Wizards, are difficult to make a real challenge to Cleveland, Knight is likely to enter the finals for three consecutive seasons, but want to defending is not easy Karl Alzner Jersey. Rockets, Harden played so far the best season, the performance of the rocket is also expected, but in ESPN view, although the rocket is strong Lucas Johansen Jersey, but not enough to win the lot. This is in front of the knight, bid farewell to another year after the playoffs, the Raptors and the media heart has long been troubled by the problem. Placed in front of the Raptors on the future of too much uncertainty, Lori, Ibaka, Tucker, Patterson and other contract expired players to leave the problem, the Raptors future is to continue with a group of veterans gambling or Completely rebuild the players waiting to win the winning team. Or, at the same time, waiting for the early days of LeBron's peak.